Treat Yourself to a Healing Massage after a Hard Day at Work

Are you looking for a way to relax after a hard week? Rest and relaxation are crucial to your overall health and well-being. Too much stress and fatigue make you prone to health problems. Finding a suitable time to rest in your busy schedule is difficult to do. Your work requires you to be on call every day.

Massage therapy helps regain your energy and vigor.

This therapy is known for its healing and relaxing properties. If you want to get the rest and relaxation that you need, book yourself a massage session here at Allied Health Day Spa. For more than 17 years, our massage spa has helped busy individuals get the relaxation that they need. We offer a wide range of massage therapies that you can choose from.

Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy

This massage is also known as soft tissue manipulation. This massage therapy is used to treat a variety of physiological systems. It is a strong rehabilitative procedure that addresses muscles, pain syndromes, and trigger points in the body.

Healing Massage Therapy

This massage therapy uses unique strokes that manipulate your body’s tissues. It is a massage therapy used mainly to alleviate chronic pain in the body. Plus, it is also known to improve your body’s overall alignment.

Muscle Release Medical Massage Therapy

This massage therapy is known to improve the function of your skeletal muscles. This massage therapy is known to relax contracting muscles, stimulate the stretch reflex in the muscles, and improve blood circulation.

Other massage services that we offer include sports massage therapy.

If you are looking for a sports massage therapist, we are the massage studio to visit. We have a team of certified and highly skilled massage therapists. They have the experience and expertise to provide you with impeccable massage therapies.

Allied Health Day Spa is fully licensed, insured, and certified to operate. All our massage therapies in Yakima, WA are affordable and suitable for any budget, and we only use Mother Earth Philippines Oils in our massage sessions. To book a healing massage session, call (509) 453-8571 to schedule an appointment with us today!