The Medical Massage Therapy We Offer

Have a medical condition that required getting a professional massage?

If you need to relieve the pain and are looking for a medical massage therapy, look no further than Allied Health Day Spa. We established our company in Yakima, WA back in 1999 and ever since then, we have been helping the locals feel good in their own skin again. Below, you can find more information about the medical massages we do as well as the benefits of turning to us.

A medical massage is needed when a specific area needs to be treated and it’s done only after the patient has a diagnose and the evaluation of a professional medical massage therapist. If your doctor says that you can get a massage and that this will improve your condition, you should definitely get one. Massage has some many amazing health benefits and you will surely feel better afterward. When the massage is done properly, you should feel less pain at the end and the area of your body will heal quicker.

However, it’s crucial to get the massage done by an expert who really knows what they are doing. We, from Allied Health Day Spa, have a lot of experience and have passed different courses before we became certified masseuses. This is why you can rest assured that we know how to treat different areas of the body and help you heal. We use different techniques and are able to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere so you can relax too. We are all really careful and always speak with our clients before we begin to explain what will happen during the session.

If you are looking for experts in the Yakima, WA area who can provide you with a professional medical massage therapy, turn to us. We will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand and expect your calls at (509) 453-8571!